The Search For a Golden Sun

_It will never worry for you so why should you

Beneath the level of my troubled thoughts (am I good enough? what should I do? am I crazy? Am I loved?) there is the sound of the train moving, clunking; a cycling series of chunky clicks and creaks and the gentle wash of people’s bodies breathing
It is always like this. The inanimate world, animated, mechanically working and turning without a care for my insecurities.
I should thank it more, for not caring, for just being there.

_Be Careful, Now

Reality gathers like a cloud,
your attention is like heat to an egg.
The more you acknowledge
this fog around you,
the harder it will set.


There is but one creator.
It is you.
Bright sun of your soul in the dark of your thoughts.
Brief is the light that illuminates faith’s rock,
but fear not,
you are the night too